Can I use Linux At Home?

When looking at switching operating systems, some people think about making the switch to Linux. With this operating system, one can enjoy free versions of their favorite software programs. Of course, some people fear using the OS as they think it will not work for their situation. Here are three reasons why this is not true.

Easier: In the past, Linux was hard to use. Now, when using Ubuntu, one will have an easier time than using Windows. With Ubuntu, a user will enjoy automatic updates and plenty of support. Read the rest of this entry »

How Do I Use Linux Commands?

Users who are interested in the many benefits that an open-source OS has to offer would do well to learn more about Linux, and the opportunities and benefits that may make it a superior choice. Switching to a new platform and having to learn about a new OS can seem like a daunting undertaking, especially for those who have limited experience with such matters. With the latest releases and development efforts being able to provide even novice users with the chance to use a Linux OS more easily and successfully, there has never been a Read the rest of this entry »

What Is The Terminal Program Used For?

When dealing with various operating systems, you’ll find that almost any command that is carried out through the GUI can also be carried out through the terminal. Rather than clicking through menus to get to various shortcuts, programs may be opened or files copied and deleted via the terminal within the OS.

Although some versions of Linux utilize a variety of GUIs to increase the ease of use of the operating system so that people can use it regardless of their technical knowledge of the OS, Linux can be ran entirely from the terminal. Read the rest of this entry »

Linux as a 4G Platform

Linux as a 4G Platform

Linux has been around a long time, and it has come a long way since the dark days of navigating with a command prompt. Linux now supports a wide variety of applications and is capable of providing a more secure interface for users. If there is a Microsoft program, Linux has an equally effective program that is free to use.

Reasons Linux is Great

Recently, 4G has come into popularity due to the joy of having complete accessibility from anywhere in your town, city or neighborhood. 4G is available on Linux just as it would be available on a Microsoft platform. In fact, it will likely be plug and play on Linux as it is on Microsoft platforms. In fact, Linux is used in the widely popularized Android platform; Android has had 4G support for awhile now.

4G Wireless Internet

Linux has a large community that provide information and useful insight to new users. In the event that CLEAR internet is not operating on a user’s Linux platform. Due to variances in Linux platforms, it may be necessary to troubleshoot the installation to get it operational. Most Linux distributions will be plug and play.

Best Providers of 4G

The things to look for in a great provider are customer service, reliability and coverage. CLEAR 4G deals are some of the best in the nation. The internet service they provide is exceptional to say the least.

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Which Linux Distributions Are Easy To Use?

Linux has a variety of desktop environments that one may choose to use. A desktop environment is similar to a Windows theme change; however, other system components are integrated into a desktop environment. Such components include changes to the basic code of the environment; changes such as the placement of windows, taskbars, icons as well as the basic operation of the environment.

Certain environments may have minimal visual effects and simple cursor-click menus; while other easy to use desktop environments such as Ubuntu may have interactive desktop Read the rest of this entry »

Why Are There So Many Versions Of Linux?

In 1991 Linux came into being as a free operating system for the Intel x86 based personal computers. Developed by Linus Torvalds based on the Unix OS, Linux was released under the free and open source public license agreement. Since Linux was open source it afforded anyone who wanted a custom OS the chance to take the original Linux kernel code and develop it to fit their specific needs.

There are many different versions of Linux because different developers changed the look, Read the rest of this entry »

How Do I Install Software On Linux?

Installing software on a Linux system can be easy or it can be difficult depending on the program you are attempting to put on your computer. By far the easiest way to install anything on a Linux system is to get PlayOnLinux from the software center.

Simply run the program after it is downloaded, making sure your internet connection is up for ease of installing and getting the updates automatically. Once that is done and you are ready, open up the program.

From there a window will pop up that has a huge list of programs for Read the rest of this entry »

How To Use Linux And Windows Machines In Tandem

Not many people know that it is possible to have more than one operating system on a computer. When looking to run both Windows and Linux, there are two basic ways to do it. One is to have a computer with at least two hard drives. In this instance, Windows will be most likely installed on the primary drive so Linux can be safely installed on the secondary drive without interference. In the Windows system management control panel users can choose Read the rest of this entry »

Why Should I Choose Linux Over Other Operating Systems?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Linux over other operating systems. Linux is an open-source operating system, so in general, it is free. So if price is a factor, there is no better option than Linux.

Linux also has another major advantage over other operating systems. There are no viruses for Linux. The is because there are so many builds of Linux and Linux is a very secure operating system. There is no reason to have any virus Read the rest of this entry »